North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) Broadband Infrastructure

This project involves a long-term partnership between Plenary Broadband Infrastructure (PBI) and NCDOT, whereby PBI will operate, maintain, and commercialize a fiber-optic network that will extend along ~700 miles of the North Carolina I-95, U.S. 70, and U.S. 74 corridors.

In addition to commercializing new fiber capacity along the route, PBI has now begun to operate and maintain the NCDOT-owned network and associated assets that provide connectivity for NCDOT’s administrative buildings and offices, maintenance buildings, and Intelligent Transportations Systems, among other sites and applications. PBI has constructed In-Line-Amplification Huts (ILA Huts) along the NCDOT Right-of-Way to support colocation and power for dark fiber customers. Additionally, PBI is building towards strategic data center locations near the NCDOT ROW to enable the company to provide lit services (up to 800 Gbps).


Community Benefits

PBI’s activities on the Project will provide long-term opportunities for local resources to support the delivery of its O&M and commercialization services, as well as to deploy new infrastructure and continuously expand the network services. Further, increased network capacity that is managed on a neutral basis will allow communities in the region to facilitate the key services that are critical to establishing and maintaining healthy economies, including healthcare, education, and job creation.

Looking Forward


The NCDOT Broadband Infrastructure project is one of the first fiber network revenue-risk transactions in the P3 market. This innovative model will allow NCDOT to leverage P3 risk-transfer and benefit from effective management and availability of its critical network and ITS assets, while at the same time establishing an ongoing revenue stream from the commercial value of fiber infrastructure installed within its right-of-way, offsetting the operating and maintenance costs to manage this network. PBI has operations and maintenance responsibility for the NCDOT ITS network and devices, as well as performing locates and break/fix services.

Looking Forward

Local economic impacts

PBI’s commercial network will facilitate increased connectivity throughout North Carolina, including establishing a robust, new network adjacent to unserved and underserved communities, effectively establishing an open access network with significant capacity and reach. PBI also plans to develop wireless network infrastructure that will facilitate emerging technologies and deliver economic benefits to the region. Existing and new businesses in proximity to the Project will have new options for network capacity to serve their rapidly evolving data and telecommunication needs.